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With over 40 years industry experience, our work methods have continually evolved with improvements in waste management and full containment / encapsulation during abrasive blasting and application of protective coatings.

Full Containment (encapsulation) has a significant benefit when working on projects located in open environment. With encapsulation the work can continue without impact of inclement weather.

Full containment allows the work to proceed without interruption, thereby resulting in project cost efficiency.

Shrink wrap a is polyethylene film which provides full containment and protection against dust and debris escaing from inside of encapsulation, providing an excellent weather proof membrane.

Shrink wrap containment or Shrink wrap encapsulation is the fine line between sub-par results and a supreme quality workmanship.

The material is heated to form a tight seal around any structure or scaffolding. Hence, some refer to it as Scaffold encapsulation.It is hard wearing, much more tear resistant than traditional sheeting materials which tend to rip from the scaffold in high winds.

NOVA Shrink Wrap Sheeting

Shrink wrap sheeting is typically chosen for projects requiring a more robust scaffold cover which will not detach in strong winds; or become loose and saggy over time. Shrink wrap also provides a completely sealed drum tight skin around a work area.

Not only does the shrink wrap give a better finish to the job, it is also flame retardant and can easily be repaired.

It is this important feature that makes shrink wrap sheeting useful for situations where the total environmental containment of dust and debris is required.

This feature has led to shrink wrap being used extensively as an environmental containment measure on bridges, conveyor gantries, commercial buildings and many other types of abrasive blasting and protective coating projects, where previously painted surfaces need to be stripped back to bare metal and repainted.

With a high performance product comes the responsibility to ensure that the scaffolding structure is engineered to withstand wind loads, (including point loadings). It is important that the specialist shrink wrap installers work together with scaffold designers, certified engineers, scaffolders and contractors.

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