Industrial Painting/ Protective Coating

Nova Protective Coatings has more than 40 years of experience and a long track record of successful sandblasting projects. Our protective coating services are known to employ rigorous safety standards, extensive technician training and state-of-the-art equipment to meet client project goals while ensuring the safety of crew, nearby personnel and the work environment.

We are absolutely meticulous about preparation, protective coating application and clean up.

As a Nova Protective Coatings client, you’ll find we are a true partner you can rely on to complete your industrial sandblasting,and industrial protective coating projects safely, on time and on budget, with minimal disruption and excellent, long-lasting results.

NOVA Protective Coatings

As an industrial painting contractor, Nova protective Coatings helps clients properly restore, maintain and extend the life of their assets.

Our comprehensive structural steel abrasive blasting and structural steel painting services restore and preserve.

Whatever the structure, we have the specialized training and expertise to remove corrosion, old paint and contaminants and apply an attractive, protective new paint finish to your steel assets.

Safety and respect for the work environment are non-negotiable priorities on every job we perform. Our team is trained and licensed to work safely in demanding work environments and skilled at using elevated work platforms, lifts and other specialty equipment often necessary when painting steel structures. Our industrial painting for steel structure methods deliver outstanding results while protecting your work environment and minimizing disruption.

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